Section Beams

Building high-quality warps begins with selecting high-quality section beams. Briggs-Shaffner Company offers a complete line of section beams to fill your exact needs. Beams are fabricated for all warper types with and without journals. Close contact with all machinery manufacturers assures that the beams are compatible with their equipment.

Heavy-Duty Section Beams
Innovative threaded joint connection in our heavy-duty beam line provides high resistance to torsional loading. Design allows replacement of beam components.

Light To Medium-Duty Section Beams
Bolted design allows beams to be transported as components and assembled at final destination. This construction is ideal for freight savings. Customers can replace components when necessary.


  • Light to heavy-duty applications
  • Cast in the full permanent mold process
  • Designed for maximum rigidity and durability
  • Diameters to 50"(1270mm)


  • Extruded, seamless, heat-treated aluminum
  • Optimum strength and corrosion resistant
  • Dimensional accuracy with smooth surfaces
  • Clean uniform packages


  • Mechanical connection of flange and barrel
  • No welds


  • Designs to meet all load requirements
  • Performance reliability for man-made filament fibers or yarn
  • High resistance to torsional loading
  • Unique simulated yarn load examination performed at the factory
  • Consultation with technical representatives to analyze strength requirements for best beam value

Dynamic Balancing

  • Computer balanced
  • High speed performance


  • Finish machined after assembly
  • Smooth surface finish
  • Running, true concentric beam