Loom/Weavers Beams

Briggs-Shaffner Company offers a full line of loom-weavers beams that meet the weaving machinery requirements for connection and performance. Light to heavy-duty applications in half or full beam designs are available.
  • Manufacturing capabilities include half and full beam designs
  • End configurations to connect to all drive requirements of OEM weaving machine manufacturers
  • Complete range of flange diameters
  • Structural integrity in all barrel designs
  • Positive locking of the flange for good warps
  • Consistency in the weaving operation


  • Designed for maximum rigidity and durability
  • Minimal deflection under yarn load
  • Reduced handling damage


  • Fabricated from close tolerance high strength steel
  • Extruded aluminum alloys available
  • Minimal run-out provides close control of yarn package
  • Uniform package size for quality fabric

Locking Rings

  • Available in aluminum, and ductile iron
  • All types available: pinch clamp, gap, and jam style
  • Positive locking feature for run-out control
  • Minimize high/low selvage

Let-Off Gears

  • Fabricated from high-strength ductile iron
  • Provides resistance to tooth impact load
  • Maximum wear characteristics


  • Beam designs tailored to meet load requirements of all types of yarn
  • Light to heavy-duty applications

Replacement of Components

  • OEM replacement parts
  • Flange upsizing to larger diameters
  • Flange quality upgrading